Scan Body

Simbiosi produces two types of Scan Body: Scan Body IPF and Scan Body UNICO.
With the aid of the scanner (desktop or intra-oral), these tools are suitable devices for the detection of the exact position of the endosseus implant that the professional inserted into the patient’s mouth.
The aim is to physically or virtually reconstruct the exact reproduction of the oral cavity that has to receive the dental prosthesis.

The Scan Body is a necessary device and it is solely used for the implant position’s detection to build abutment in electronic format using CAD softwares.

Simbiosi Scan Body is made of Ergal and is subjected to mechanical surface treatments of opacification, which avoid the use of matting powders.
The device is screwed into the oral cavity with the tightening screws of the implant provided by Simbiosi, and tightened in order to make Simbiosi Scan Body and the endosseus implant well coupled and firm.

Simbiosi Scan Body is available in different sizes, diameters and shapes, respectively compatible with the implants’ manifacturers, with special diameter and particular implant system.





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