Premilled System

Simbiosi Pre-Milled® can be used for the construction of abutments, realized in a custom manner and suitable for each patient, treating final dental restorations or temporary teeth.

In the pre-milling technique of Simbiosi Pre-Milled®, the user builds the morphology of the abutment with any CAD system designer, neglecting the realization of each individual implant’s engagement.
The system involves the construction of the abutment’s morphology milling a Pre-Milled® that is already provided with a pre-processed engagement, to always guarantee a perfect fit.

The product Simbiosi Pre-Milled® allows you to always have custom trans-mucosal routes without any effort, regardless of the implant position.
Therefore it allows time savings in producing abutments and let you orient every insertion axis of the secondary prosthesis.
To realize your abutment with Simbiosi Pre-Milled® becomes simple, upgraded, and cheap.

Simbiosi Pre-Milled® is available in different sizes, diameters and shapes, respectively compatible with the implants’ manifacturers, with special diameter and particular implant system.





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