Dear dentist, the difficulties in providing a prosthesis on implant that is safe for your patient, today have found a correct, economic and certified solution.
Every day the dentist provides his/her patients with a high level of professionalism and in some cases of prosthesis on implants, he/she has to accept a compromise due to the availability of components; so, the dental technician partner is forced to change the prosthetic project every time he has to work on these cases.

Simbiosi offers today an intellectual property that has pursued the construction of a passive prosthesis on implants; in fact, the company wanted to get a prosthetic construction with simplicity and at a low cost; for this reason Simbiosi certified all its products with medical certification, and certified all the processing procedures.

To build a prosthesis on implant with Simbiosi technique means providing your patients with a safe prosthesis, that is certified and passive directly on the implants.
You can achieve this goal by managing your own dental impressions in digital format (intra-oral scan, CAD CAM systems) and with the traditional methods, abandoning the world of clone products, that represent a danger for your patients and for your professionalism.